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July 13, 2019

Bell Park  |  Ramsey Lake  |  Sudbury

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Why Support the Festival

Who we are & What we do

Founded in the year 2000 by the Sudbury Canoe Club and the Chinese Heritage Association of Northern Ontario, the Sudbury Dragon Boat Festival is made up of a volunteer Board of Directors.

Our mission is to enrich the cultural diversity of the community through the Chinese tradition of dragon boat racing, promote physical fitness, encourage tourism, and raise funds for a local charity’s capital campaign.

The Sudbury Dragon Boat Festival is primarily a sporting event, with spectator friendly activities occurring through out the day, which raises funds for a local charity working on a capital project. In preparation for race day, we run a six-week training program and encourage our paddlers to raise funds for our beneficiary. The dragon boat races are the focus of the event as hundreds of paddlers take to the waters of Ramsey Lake to vie for first place in their division. We also present our beneficiary with the funds raised by the paddlers. It is a day filled with excitement, camaraderie, and happiness! 

Impact on the Community!

As a long standing, highly visible event, Sudbury Dragon Boats Festival has influenced several factors in our community. Thanks to our sponsors we’ve had an impact on health and well-being, tourism, community, local culture and aided several local charities raise funds for their capital projects! 

Health and Wellness

SDBF promotes physical fitness, water sports, and enjoyment of one of Greater Sudbury’s many lakes. Every year hundreds of paddlers and volunteers from all fitness levels become physically active over a six-week period, benefiting their overall health and well-being. Teams get four practices with their registration which get them out on the water being physically active, this not only helps them prepare for race day, it promotes healthy living as many teams become annual participants. Your support enables us to operate this program directly impacting the participants’ readiness and enjoyment of the races.


SDBF promotes tourism to Sudbury as we recruit teams from other parts of the province. Every year we attract of few out of town teams and encourage them to stay the night and visit local attractions. Teams come from outlying communities like Espanola and Manitoulin Island or as far south as Barrie.  As a sponsor, this means exposure to a new audience. In addition, your support helps us strengthens the local economy.

Local Culture

Thousands of people in our community have experienced this unique enriching facet of Chinese culture. Everything from the ceremonial drummer on the boats to the dancers creates public awareness of Chinese heritage and encourages people to embrace the culture and traditions of dragon boat racing and enrich their experiences through the unique practice.


When like-minded people join together to have fun and get active while raising funds for a well deserving local charity you can expect high energy and friendly competition! A sense of community can be felt by participants as they rally for a common cause. In addition, we encourage communication and help build a sense of community through our social media and at our dragon boat social hour.

Local Charities

Sponsors’ contribution to the festival additionally helps the community by bringing a much need capital project closer to fruition. SDBF leverages the resources of our valuable sponsors to ensure funds raised by our paddlers for our chosen charity’s capital campaign, go directly to the current Charity of Choice, NEO Kids Foundation.  Over the last 19 years we have supported numerous capital campaigns of local charities such as the Northern Cancer Foundation’s Sam Bruno PET Scan Fund, Meals on Wheels, Multiple Sclerosis Society, and Sudbury Food Bank by raising over 1.7 million and creating more awareness about their campaign through additional publicity we provide. Over last two years, the festival raised over $100,000 for  Sudbury Hospice Foundation’s capital campaign in support of the Maison McCulloch Hospice’s expansion project. This project will ensure people needing end of life care have greater access to the services.  Our new beneficiary, NEO Kids Foundation, is raising funds in hopes of achieving their ultimate goal of building a new  youth oriented healthcare facility here in Sudbury.  

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