Challenge Series Results 2017

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Team NumberTeam NameCategoryTime
1Maison McCulloch HospiceCharity02:39.0
2SCC Team AloCommunity02:09.3
7JLR JetsCorporate02:14.1
11AWESOME NOSMEducation02:30.0
42Eat TroutFinancial Services02:15.4
22Wet WilliesHealth Services02:31.3
33C.R.A.zy PaddlersMayor's Challenge02:32.1
15CTV Blazing PaddlesMedia02:35.2
23Glencore Ore SlavesMining02:15.8
14Radioactive SpinachOpen Waters02:43.0
32Warriors of HopeSurvivors02:29.9
12Rio DragonsVale02:16.7
42Eat TrouitYouth02:15.45