Round 1 Rankings 2017

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Team NumberTeam NameFlight RankingTime
2SCC Team Alo102:09.28
7JLR Jets202:14.05
42Eat Trout302:15.45
23Glencore Ore Slaves402:15.76
12Rio Dragons502:16.68
21FCR Sinking Fund602:18.03
27Team Alo Areata702:19.52
29Team Alo Universalis902:24.76
4Breath of Fresh AER1002:25.01
26Weaver Simmons LLP1102:25.93
20Hatch Wacky Paddlers1202:27.17
32Warriors of Hope1302:29.90
11AWESOME NOSM1402:30.01
19TD Canada Trust1502:30.08
22Wet Willies1602:31.34
40Papertown Paddlers1702:31.99
33C.R.A.zy Paddlers1802:32.06
16RBC Northern Dragons1902:34.12
8Optimum Health Centre2002:34.83
15CTV Blazing Paddles2102:35.21
38Scotia Bank2302:36.56
1Maison McCulloch Hospice2502:38.97
30HOTness Monsters2602:40.77
37Tutor Doctor Brain Waves2702:41.57
36Christine Spencer's Posse2802:42.69
14Radioactive Spinach2902:43.01
41Spectrum Splashers3102:43.34
31Rewind Dragsters3202:43.74
35Noojmowin Teg Health Center3302:46.67
39C.R.A.zy Paddlers II3402:50.23
25The AIP Mustangs3502:51.01
9Eastlink Easyriders3602:52.32
24Manulife Mariners3703:01.89
5Sarah's Boat by Carriere3803:29.97
10CFUW Sudbury and Friends3904:33.36
17Debrina Diamonds40DNF