Round 2C Rankings 2017

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RankingRaceTeam NumberTeam NameTime
1182SCC Team Alo02:04.5
2177JLR Jets02:11.92
31642Eat Trout02:13.41
41712Rio Dragons02:13.55
51827Team Alo Areata02:14.3
61821FCR Sinking Fund02:15.3
71623Glencore Ore Slaves02:19.44
9164Breath of Fresh AER02:21.99
101726Weaver Simmons LLP02:22.17
111629Team Alo Universalis02:23.22
121820Hatch Wacky Paddlers02:24.2
131832Warriors of Hope02:26.8
141711AWESOME NOSM02:27.05
151619TD Canada Trust02:28.04