Team Pledge Results – 2014

Top 20 Pledging Teams 2014

Congratulations to all of our teams - you make a difference!
18Dragon R Oars$26,875.00
337Northern Water Sports Centre$6,087.00
417Arms of Steel$3,964.00
511SCC Phoenix$3,610.91
639Glencore Ore Slaves$2,377.00
732Y's Guys$2,290.00
838Thunder from Down Under$2,250.30
1026Dragon's Breath$2,140.00
1141The Green Dragons$1,961.00
1221CHANO Golden Dragons$1,630.00
1340Tutor Doctor Brain Waves$1,501.00
147Snap Fitness$1,444.25
153Bingo Brats$1,412.40
1651Shark Bait$1,400.00
1715CTV Blazing Paddles$1,111.15
1834NORCAT $1,102.00
Caring Beyond The Moment$1,052.00
2020O.C.D. - Old Chiro Dragons